The Myth about BASIC (part 2)

BASIC is one of the most misunderstood programming languages! Mention BASIC to a current software developer and one quickly finds out that it is not viewed favorably by most programmers. “Obsolete”, “for beginners only”, “unstructured”, the descriptions go on. This common view discourages the development of a new generation of BASIC programming languages. Also misunderstanding “why” BASIC is so loved

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Why classic Visual Basic needs to be rebuilt from scratch and brought back for a new generation

“We need more coders”,  “Everybody needs to learn to code”, “Coding should be a basic requirement in education”, …. Have you heard or read comments similar to these ? What does this have to do with classic Visual Basic ? BASIC and the hobby programmer Why won’t BASIC just die and go away ? Probably most programmers today think this,

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