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Welcome to the new Computer Workshop (and Graphic Design) web site. I am in the process of adding new products and new services, so please visit often to see what is new. The Computer Workshop is moving in a new direction and expanding its reach.So what is in the works ?

EZGUI 5.0 Professional

EZGUI 5.0 Professional is my main product. It is a GUI framework for use with the PowerBasic compilers. See the "GUI Tools for BASIC" section for more information about it. Also periodically special sales are offered, so check it out now to see if any discounts are currently being offered.


For nearly a decade and a half, the Computer Workshop has been working with a specific professional BASIC programming language. Now I will be researching as many different dialects of BASIC as I can find and this web site will act as a portal for BASIC programmers. My long time experience as a BASIC programmer, as well as many years as a WIN32 API programmer, provides me with a unique opportunity to share a great deal of experience and knowledge with you. 

Online Video based training

It is time to start teaching my customers how to get more out of my primary product, EZGUI 5.0 Professional. I am looking into developing online video based training to provide advanced training, not only about using EZGUI Professional but also in WIN32 programming. To be able to build a GUI framework like EZGUI has given me a great deal of experience with the WIN32 API and there is much that I may be able to teach others, even if they don't use EZGUI Professional.

Next generation EZGUI

EZGUI 6.0 is still being planned. The software industry though is going through great changes right now and this will effect my development plans for the next generation of EZGUI. Touch and Mobile are very important now and this is already in the works for EZGUI. EZGUI will continue to be my mainstay development product for Windows 32 bit Desktop application development.

Going beyond development tools

It it time for me to start developing software for end users, rather than just development tools for programmers. EZGUI 5.0 Professional is now very rich in features and I plan on using it to develop end user applications. By doing this it will give me a better perspective on what to put into EZGUI 6.0 Professional, so this effort will benefit my programming tools as well.

I also have a strong creative side, which I want to now use and that is with digital graphic art and animation. So look for changes to my web site with new additions of a section on graphic art. If you like any of the digital art soon to come to my web site, please support my efforts in this and buy something you like. The money earned by the Computer Workshops graphic art efforts will benefit my customers who purchase my software, since it will help support my research and development.

Education !

Some of the new products and services I plan for the Computer Workshop will lean towards an educational direction. I enjoy teaching others the things I have learned and so expect to see more related to this effort. There may even be something for the school aged students too as well as for adults.