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EZGUI 5.0 Pro requires the PowerBasic for Windows Compiler version 6.0 or better
PowerBasic 8.0 (or Classic) or better is recommended

For more information about PowerBasic compilers: PowerBasic web site

So what is EZGUI 5.0 Professional ?

  • GUI Engine      (ie. forms, controls)
  • Visual Designer and Code Generator
  • Print Engine
  • Graphics Engine
  • OwnerDraw Engine      (customize controls)
  • Sprite Engine      (2D animation)
  • Drag and Drop Engine      (ie. build your own Visual Designer)
  • Subclassing Engine      (ie. used to impliment Drag and Drop)
  • Thread Engine      (makes Threads easy to use)
  • OpenGL 3D Animation      (3D scripting language)     New in 5.0!
  • AutoResize Engine      (Resize Controls based on rules)     New in 5.0!
  • Superclass Engine      (Build new controls)     New in 5.0!
  • Custom Control Engine      (Build new controls)     New in 5.0!
  • Component Engine      (Build highlevel Components)     New in 5.0!
  • Canvas Effects      (Draw on Canvas using Effects)     New in 5.0!
  • Image Filters      (Draw Bitmaps using Image Filters)     New in 5.0!
  • Image Rotation      (Draw Bitmaps and Rotate 360 degrees)     New in 5.0!
  • Theme Aware Drawing      (Draw using Themed Objects)     New in 5.0!
  • Copy Windows      (Copy Window content to Bitmap)     New in 5.0!
  • Faster Sprite Access      (Access Sprites using Fast Indexes)     New in 5.0!
  • Hot Mouse Tracking      (Proprietary Mouse Hot Tracking)     New in 5.0!
  • Private Timers      (Private Timing Event for controls)     New in 5.0!
  • Multiple Monitor Support      (Work with entire Virtual Desktop)     New in 5.0!
  • AlphaBlend Drawing      (Draw Bitmaps using Alphablending)     New in 5.0!
  • Advanced DIB Support      (more features for working with DIB's)     New in 5.0!
  • Animate Windows      (Show/Hide Windows with Effects like Slide)     New in 5.0!
  • Faster Code Syntaxes      (ie. New "{ME}" syntax for Forms)     New in 5.0!
  • New GLCanvas Control      (Everything Canvas can do plus 3D)     New in 5.0!
  • New Toolbarstrip Control      (Variant of Toolbar with new features)     New in 5.0!
  • 11 Custom Controls as Source Code (Using Custom Control Engine)     New!
  • 2 Components      (Built using Component Engine)     New in 5.0!
  • Visual Bookmarks      (Visual Designer Feature)     New in 5.0!
  • More Code Generation Options      (Visual Designer Feature)     New in 5.0!
  • Theme Support      (Visual Designer Feature)     New in 5.0!
  • Alignment Plugins      (Visual Designer Feature)     New in 5.0!
  • ... and much more

GUI Objects supported in Runtime Library (700 KB DLL)

Note: All GUI objects are in primary runtime DLL unless noted!
 Standard Form
 MDI Parent Form
 MDI Child Form
 Pager Form
 Rebar Form
Standard Controls
 Button Control
 CheckBox Control
 ComboBox Control
 Frame Controls
 Icon Control
 Label Control
 ListBox Control
 Picture Control
 Radio (Option) Control
 ScrollBar Control
 Text (Edit) Control
Built in Colored Button Support (OwnerDraw)
 2D Colored Button Control
 3D Colored Button Control
 3D Colored Elliptical Button Control
Common Controls
 Animation Control
 Calendar Control
 DateTime Control
 Drag ListBox Control
 Listview Control
 Pager Control
 Progressbar Control
 Rebar Control
 Statusbar Control
 Tab Control
 Toolbar Control
 ToolbarStrip Control        New in 5.0!
 Tooltip Control
 Trackbar Control
 Treeview Control
 UpDown Control
Other Controls
 MDI Client Control
 Rich Edit 1.0 Control
 Rich Edit 2.0 Control
 Custom Controls
 Canvas Control plus 2D Sprites
 GLCanvas Control plus 2D Sprites and 3D OpenGL   New in 5.0!   (225 KB DLL)
 Drag Handle Control
 Files Listbox Control
 Masked Edit Control                (in a secondary 25 KB DLL)
 MCI Control (multimedia)          (in a secondary 35 KB DLL)
 Property Listbox Control
 Shape / Hotspot / SplitterBar Control   New in 5.0!
 Turtle Graphics Control
Common Dialogs
 Browse Folder Dialog
 Color Dialog
 Find Text Dialog
 Font Dialog
 Open File Dialog
 Page Setup Dialog
 Printer Dialog
 Save File Dialog
Message Boxes
 Message Box
 Extended Message Box

Some Features in the GUI Engine:

Note: This list is not all inclusive. There are many other features not listed here!
 Get and Set Bitmaps, Text and Rich Text
Control Search Functions
 For Listbox, Combobox and Listview controls
 Debug Window and Debug Print command
 Enumerate Controls on Forms
 Application Path
 Copy Files
 Process Dropped Files from Explorer
Focus and ZOrder
 Set and Get Focus
 Reorder ZOrder of a group of controls
 Create and select Fonts
 Font Tracking system (no need to clean up)
Brushes (Colors)
 Color tracking (no need to clean up brushes)
Game Tools
 Game Loop
 Precision Timing
 Frame Rate tracking
Graphic Images
 Image Lists
Help Files
 Standard Help
 HTML Help
 Layer Tracking for controls
 Show and Hide Layers
 Form Menus
 Popup Menus
Simplified OwnerDraw support
 OwnerDraw Menus
 OwnerDraw Button control
 OwnerDraw ComboBox control
 OwnerDraw Label control
 OwnerDraw Listbox control
 OwnerDraw Listview control
 OwnerDraw Tab control
 Print Text
 Print Shapes
 Print Bitmaps and Icons
 Print RichEdit content
 Print Canvas content
 Print Gradients
 Print Turtle (Vector) Graphics
 Print Preview using Canvas control
 Save and Read DWords
 Save and Read Strings
 Enumerate Resources in EXE and runtime DLLs
 Enumerate Installed Printers
 Enumrate Installed Fonts
 Form Timers
 Threads, advanced and simplified
 Critical Sections for use with Threads
 Tray Icon support
 Draw on or copy from Desktop
Low Level
 Window Message support
 OwnerDraw Advanced
 DC Drawing
 DIB Sections
 LoadLibrary (DLL's)
 Hook Functions into GUI engine
 Low Level Threading
Visual Design Engine
 Drag and Drop controls
 Size controls
 Built in Visual Design subclassing engine
 Snap to grid on Forms
 Grid Display on Forms
 Cursor control for Drag Icons
 Drag Handle control
 Rubbering for Line, Ellipse and Rectangle drawing

EZGUI Controls that add many Features !

Customize Existing Controls using OwnerDraw or CustomDraw!

Graphics are EZGUI's strongest feature !

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Copyright 2011, Christopher R. Boss

EZGUI is a trademark of the Computer Workshop
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