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The Computer Workshop is in the process of adding end user software products, aside from my programming tools. If you are interested in any of the programming tools I offer, go to the "Development Tools" page for more information. You can find more information about EZGUI there. When new end user software is available, it will be highlighted here.

Freeware Software

You may enjoy using a freeware application I put together to demonstrate the 3D capabailities of EZGUI 5.0 Professional. My 3D Model Viewer program can load and display STL 3D models. The program is quite powerful and can even handle 3D models with a million or more polygons in them. There is also a 3D primitive scripting language built in to the program, which is nice for teaching young people more about 3D modeling and 3D coordinate space.

Download 3D Model Viewer

Commercial Software

Not yet available, but please check back.